What to bring to a photoshoot.. (female/fashion/portrait)


Summer Dress, a versatile  dress that can be elegant, fun or sexy depending on the style and accesories. Light colours/patterns are preferable.
Little Black Dress, needs no introduction,  from Audrey Hepburn to Coco Chanel, this style is always relevant, and flattering.
Top a Fascia, Posing topless is not for everyone, but a fascia top can give you the awesome nude shoulder look for portaits without the need to.
Tights, 10/20 Denier, black and tan and in a style that is seemless and have a high waist seem to be the prefered types by models and photographers. Be sure to use the style without a darker control top.


Elegant, Elegant and Elegant…

Less is more.. go for the natural look.

Be carefull not to over-do the eyeliner or shadow.. and lips should not be too dark or an unnatural colour…

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