Is Kendall Jenner better at photography than you? maybe..

Most of us don’t typically associate fashion model and reality television star Kendall Jenner with photography yet. During her recent appearance on NBC’s “The Tonight Show,” she had a few pointers for host Jimmy Fallon.
Jenner is one of several celebrities that have received attention for their careers in photography. To the surprise of some, she has managed to put together a professional photography portfolio which includes several magazine covers and one of the most liked accounts on Instagram (2015’s most liked account, in fact).

In her recent “Tonight Show” appearance, Jenner talks to Fallon about her roots in photography and also discusses her images that have made the cover of Love Magazine. To the delight of the audience, Jenner manages to provide a few modeling tips to Fallon, who is known for being a tad bit camera-shy, while snapping a few shots of him with her newest camera. Fallon then introduces Jenner to an iPhone and manages to grab a few selfies with the model-turned-photographer.

Having been photographed by some of the fashion industry’s leading photographers, Jenner should have some insight into how a high-end fashion set should look and feel. Do you think that experience is enough for her to carve out a place in a saturated fashion photography industry as a photographer?

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